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A digital Organization
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If I was a CIO, I would ask for a chaotic enterprise

Well, if I were a CIO... seems like a wish and I seriously wish it to come thru. I have a list of things I would like to do from bizarre to...
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Cloud deployment trends - changes are creeping in

Cloud adoption has reached its highest tipping point over the last three years (2010-14). There would be no organisation that has not touch...
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Cloud adoption and maturity

Well,  researching about cloud computing and its adoption across industries, I'm surprised as to how vendors and service providers club...
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Application rationalisation challenges

As business grow, the application landscape grows like wild mushrooms. Every need triggers a IT request and the cycle of applications sprin...
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Cloud computing - private or public option

We've all heard or read about private and public cloud. AWS by Amazon stands out as a synonym for public cloud. Amazon has become a lea...
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