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A digital Organization
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Is Center of Excellence (CoE) a parlance to non digital business?

With ever increasing technology complexity and rate of change too fast for any one to apprehend, keeping tab on or for that note, even to notice the change became a challenge. The industry when faced with such a challenge,  revealed a new means, an approach, a paradigm called CoE, Center of Excellence. 

A CoE main charter included bringing together people from different facets of technology, departments or work streams to share best practices, provide a means to collaborate and exchange knowledge. For me, I draw parallel to the manufacturing way to quality circles. Irrespective of it, the CoEs did achieve their charter and mission.

Consider the days when the CoE were BIG, a one stop solution for all business challenges, a group of collaborators who were the team to go for any technical challenge, the teams collective knowledge was in sum large to drive results. 

But, with the business going digital, should the CoEs change to the newer ways of working? The internet provides powerhouses of information, online groups provide the level of expertise the CoEs used to bring to the table and the web is innovating faster than what a CoE cannot. But, the issue of tacit knowledge was tough to replicate but in todays world, is there a way to do it? Maybe, use a hashtag to achieve it? Every expert working on a topic, is sure to build his expertise in daily operations, but expecting the expert to share his competence thru the CoE would mean a loss in tacit knowledge. Maybe, every conversation the expert has around a topic, add a # to get his views into a system, build a knowledge base? Given the present strength in analytics, guess thats possible?


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