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Social media and it's alter ego

With almost everyone with access to internet having some form or other social network, it becomes part of day to day routine of being online. Consider a scenario where the social gets booted off the social network? Assume a artificial intelligence bot which knows well about you is interacting on the social network on your behalf whilst you are busy golfing. Will this be the birth of new alter ego of the social automation ?

It's public news that Google has applied for a patent for its social media manager platform which learns about a user and impersonates him and calls out the master as when required for a more personalised messages are called for. This is what makes the alter ego notion in social media interesting ... isn't it?

All these while, an individual on LinkedIn would put forth an intellectual front and same individual on Facebook would let loose his inhibitions. So, as the social media platforms have come to become different places for an individuals needs, like Facebook = party,  Twitter = suggestion box, Youtube = talent show and so is individuals personas. 

While growing up, my alter ego used to be my buds who came second close to understanding me after my mother. But as things started going social, I noticed a new trend on the social world. The social profiles enabled people to come up with avatars where a new stronger, braver and improved self of one was on display on the social space, sometimes under the cloak of anonymity, creating a blank slate to reinvent by recreating a new story and projecting it on the small screen. This was achieved by means of jazzy pictures to cool 140 chars to what not. This sometimes went extreme where some avatars were under assumed names or a fake email address which allowed an individuals alter ego to grow, breed and lurk. 

This is true to many concerned. So, when Google comes out with the artificial intelligence personal social manager, the notion of individuals alter ego will be know to Google. It's said " everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head, that story makes what we are". With every passing minute the software learns about an individual, the browser will write our story on our behest. 
Psst.. paranoia ... back to social hopping.


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