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Steps in a Digital media strategy

There is lots written about digital media strategy and this post adds on to all that is out there. The main thought of putting this here is to pull up steps from digital marketing strategy and make correlations with the bigger organisation strategy as we treat along in the series of posts.

Seriously, every Tom, Dick and Harry, including me tend to have a website of their own. The mantra for a business success is to be 'Google search friendly' else all business is lost. Is it true? Well definitely not.
So, it might be true but lets look at options that every business should ponder on before embarking on a digital marketing strategy.  As in todays world, a billboard goof up can be cleared in hours but the digital information on distributed servers lurks and haunts the media strategist if they get it wrong.  It's true that a potential buyer researching a brand on the internet, irrespective of how many positive responses he reads, the negative ones makes a bigger impact for a brand. This is some type of psychological state of a human mind where negative thoughts >> positive feedbacks. Isn't it?
Think over before committing to a digital marketing budget

The typical cycle of brand awareness to purchase has been over ridden by these digital media processes where it's hard to predict how a buyer will behave. So, it's far more important to get the overall strategy aligned with the digital and mobile strategy ( Yes ! mobile strategy is paramount as brands are researched on mobile more than ever)

These are some of the typical questions that a business needs to answer before putting aside a digital marketing budget.
  • Why does a business need a website?
  • Create your own website and make it relevant, How?
  • Build online marketing plan. What and where?
  • Promote your business. How?
  • Build a community of loyal followers. How?
  • Applications for business. How?
  • Online advertising. How?
  • Metrics, metrics and all metrics to evaluate effectiveness. What all?

Why are these steps essential at the first place. These put together the social engagement platform for the businesses be it a B2C or a B2B. The businesses thrive on purchases over return purchases. These are triggered by sales stimulus followed by purchase. Stimulus comes from television, print media or social media.

Consider a hypothetical business which understands that 80% of its customers do look up online before coming into their store. Bingo, have a website, make it very relevant, create posts and threads for community to engage/comment/share reviews. Follow it up with a app that shares offers nearby and announcements. When all these backend pieces are ready, go for a online advertising push and record every lead that online advertisement leads to your CRM. Voila, shouldn't this be fun. 
Hence, I feel any business that gets all its pieces together is well going to sail over social media wave.  Not said, look at how Honda (Source: adweek) is reinventing its social media strategy. 




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