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Become a digital shelf leader - Retail strategy

There's lot said and done about the impact of social media and, how digital ecosystem has altered the retail landscape. In this article, I'm trying to convey how social media reach has to be converted into a digital shelf leadership.

It all starts with accessing the consumer demand in relation to the online search volume. This gives an indication of correlation of sales prediction to the numbers. if we plot them on a graph, we might get good insights into the sales funnel. It probably makes perfect time to integrate the CRM with the social listening tools to hear and drive sales insights into what the world is talking about the brand. So, as a brand manager, if you'v invested (in keyword based advertising) the time to get the brand message out in the public by means of traditional advertising or digital, it's reaping benefits. 

I've said over and over that any purchase starts on the internet - starts with search. With more options the consumer has, there are more research volumes. So, go online with reach, depth and advertising at least three or more weeks before conversions starts to follow. Be sure you've had a landing page ready for any search for your brand. This is paramount as purchases occur in store but,  are influenced by online content. The first moment of truth is always the game changer for all those retail buyers (read more here) so, it's pertinent to have the right digital shelf strategy in place - makes the brand evergreen.

Pre launch -> Evergreen -> Brand

So, how does one achieve the evergreen brand messaging, or own the digital shelf. Looking at brands like P&G and alike, one can notice  definite pattern. Before any Pantene launch, I am sure the digital advertising would be in full swing probably months in advance. it's all done to capture 100% of online search demand for the products with the right answers to enable purchase.

Evergreen brands don't give up once the purchase is done. They wouldn't say "Thank you, Have a nice day!" and close the transaction, rather own the audience by building the brand. Youtube targeting to build brand audience makes the brand message visible. Blogs, forums and online chats helps the brand stay connected and consumers engaged. It all helps in remarking.

Once, online reach is done, audiences owned and captivated, traditional sales can piggyback on lauches to boost sales. So, concluding- 

1. Pre launch - Educate and generate demand
2. Launch - Capture demand and drive sales
3. Post sales - Sustain demand



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