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Campaign management steps

Campaign management would be the easiest of activity for anyone in the digital space to understand. It's the process of taking the advertising plan from the drawing board into the digital realm. It involves the complex activity of targeting, placements, formats, technology, channels, flights date and many more.

In the third article in the sequence of digital advertising articles, lets look at what all activities happen over a campaign. A advertiser or an agency strategies the approach, creates a media plan, chooses channels, technology and screens. Once, this all is in place, the media buying process kicks off by reaching out to ad networks or publishers. This is where the entire workflow gets complicated. Consider major brand on course for a global product launch in 18 months time. The marketing strategy would give an input on the market segments to target, the geographies to penetrate and build brand and the reach the exercise would require to derive the maximum ROI. Translating the strategy into actionable, measurable and effective campaigns is the key to the success of the campaign; I defer to agree to the concept of success of campaigns if the necessary eyeballs are met. That might be of help, but surely defies the whole concept of a marketing strategy.

The campaign might consist of one order or multiple line items depending upon how the advertiser organises his workflow. It's important to note that workflow plays a major role and it is important to choose an ad serving technology that gives you a complete end to end flow and not just one part of it. The advertiser might aggregate all ads from one client into a order and create different line items reaching out to each of the media plan. The choice of choosing the target segments, different creatives for different devices, day and time schedules, and all the specificities go into creating the perfect campaign.

It does not end here. Once the campaign goes live, it's the responsibility of the campaign manager to closely monitor the progress and yield. If it's not going as planned, then it's time to resort to campaign optimisation that ensures the end goals are met. 



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