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Creative's management in ad operations (adops)

Probably in adops, creative management is the last item on ones mind. All attention would be given to trafficking and getting the ad campaigns live than paying attention to small nuisances that could make all the difference. I'd like to take a view on how today's evolution of devices has made it paramount for creative asset management in adops. 
Now, the context of brand messaging is blurred. An ad on television might trigger a instinct for a quick search for the brand and in all possibility the easiest device to lay hands on is the smartphone. So, it's would be the smartphone where the brand would be discovered and here is the first impact the brand has to make. The ad creative has to be so engaging that the user returns to larger devices like iPad or a laptop to continue his research. The brand campaign has to be different for these devices to give a continuity and still keep the user
captivated. I feel, in most of the campaigns, the same creative is used across platforms, only changed when its a particular technology which is not supported on certain os or devices. Why stop here? Isn't a missed opportunity to have a captivated consumer hooked on.
I strongly feel every ad campaign must have well thought of strategy of creatives for mobile, handheld devices like tablets, laptops and desktops coupled with print media and television. Else, a good opportunity to engaging a customer is lost. 


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