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Metadata trumping content - Change in business model for media

I love the pulp and ink materials; but with phablets coming along, I moved to multiple publishing aggregation apps like Google Currents and Flipboard. It was exciting period but soon it dawned upon me, the rate at which I was consuming content, the content was not replenished at the same rate. The stories took time to change. 

This replenishment rate drew my attention to the business model of publication houses. Earlier, it was journalism first; quality of content drew subscriptions which impacted the bottom line. Subsequently, the days when the publications moved online and charged a online subscription fees to permit access. These were the days where the business model of publication houses still had the journalism first mojo. 
The momentum with digital media caught up and as ad networks sprung up, publication houses got drawn into a vicious circle of content driving advertising; in other words - metadata (read keywords) driving advertising revenue. The publication houses needed more metadata to drive more page landings and in turn attract more advertisers. These might have led to journalism taking a lower priority in business model whereas digital monetizing took the pole position. 

This change in dynamics of publishing might leave readers less engaged and they start looking for that elusive refresh option - serve new content. 


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