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Google DoubleClick - It's more than just ad server

Who doesn't know Doubleclick. The big acquisition that Google did in recent years to move up the value chain form search advertising to display advertising. But, its hard to believe all those sharp eyes would have missed the ad.doubleclick.net url being called whenever a mouse if hovered on a ad. There is so much to the way the ad servers are put to use. Its not just a place for the publishers to put up their inventory for the buy side to pick up. Think aloud. Can these be used in the bigger picture of an organisation, in their digital business planning ?

Lets take an hypothesis, this is what I dream can be done. Every organisation in some means has a digital campaign running. The campaign managers prerogative is reach out the particular class of people who would be interested in the brand. The targeting criteria might come from the marketing function of the organisation. So, when a new product is being conceptualised, why not use such campaigns to gauge customer interests in the new product and then go for a capex? 

DoubleClick is indeed a great product from the behemoth of advertising - Google. It's excellent platform to drive advertisements. All ad servers do the basic ad serving to the good; but what differentiates DoubleClick from the rest is the integration of wide gamut of products. If you have a contractual advertising campaign any ad server would do; but the moment you have some free impressions, the integration to the backfill of AdSense and AdX truly makes it a prefect integration to make it revenue safe for the customer. AdSense backfills and AdX work so seamlessly that there is never an impression lost; only if sometimes there are no compatible ads from AdSense. 

DoubleClick is also IAB compliant which makes it more accurate it terms of reporting, its spam filtering are so much accurate and quality support all the way makes it all compelling to have its license. DoubleClick audience segmentation makes remarking easy and helps build first party audience segments and the vide range of partners makes it even more interesting. 

Creative management is also easy and with Studio integrated, it's even more compelling. There are various system defined templates and third party ones which makes  it easy to set up creatives, track clicks and set up landing pages. Advanced features of ad selection makes every impression count; make every penny spent smart - drawing more value to advertisers and publishers alike. It's a fair and transparent system. Pretty Cool !!

In conclusion - 

  • Tagging - simple and easy 
  • Targeting - range of values 
  • Integration to mobile and video - yes
  • Audience segmentation - yes
  • Partner support - many 
  • Exchange integration - yes
  • AdSense backfill - yes
  • Creative support - multiple types
  • Reporting - extensive 
  • Sales integration - yes
  • Support - awesome!



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