A digital Organization

A digital Organization
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Digital steps - Make a cultural change.

Moving to digital is not restricted to SMAC - Social, mobility, analytic or cloud. It definitely takes a whole new approach in which we approach the digital problem statement. I've recently concluded a project on digital landscape assessment and I must admit, the enterprise wide understanding on the 'digital dream' needed a re-look.

What is digital ? Enterprise leaders have their own version of it. Some believe moving the in-house IT infra to cloud does it; some feel infusing a collaborative platform (replacing any old discussion forums does it ) to some believing being able to be accessed on any device is being digital.

Well, I feel digital is a collective goal of doing right things starting top-down. If the organization dreams of becoming digital in true sense, the way the business is done has to change - first and foremost a large cultural change. I insist on culture because it is the organization's fabric that binds things together. The moment the culture changes to adopt digital ways of doing business, the rest of the pieces fall into place automatically. If the organization's culture believes in transparency and sharing thoughts with its employees, then the adoption of collaborative platform is a just a enabler to their already existing culture. Consider an organization that keeps messages in closed loops, classified and culture of sharing is non existent - even in trivial public content as well, any extent of collaborative tool adoption does no good to the organization.

Lets look at the other facet of organization culture - do they foster inter organization collaboration or does the organization fight it out as left pocket- right pocket when it comes to revenue sharing. This is paramount because no matter how strong a analytics platform you deploy, until and unless the organization data is aligned and integrated to business goals and organizations charter, analytic report will again be silo-ed killing the whole rationale of analytics data driven decision making.

When the internal cultural aspects are well oiled and running well, comes the next crucial steps of how good is the marketing team listening to customers, the services division translating the customer feedback into reasons and businesses translating all these inputs into effective products and services. Integrating social listening is not easy as it needs the ability of major functions within an organization to share this crucial information gathered from the internet chatter. Well, all those familiar with large organizations would agree what it takes for functions to talk to each other.

Going digital takes small steps into giant leads - this movement of organizational changes will unlock the possibilities of the entire organization moving towards being a digital organization. 


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